Tess Rose | About
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I’m Tess Rose, one half of media partnership te-al and associate filmmaker at Fabians Films.

I specialise in film, with over 8 years of experience. Starting at college, to industry experience in multiple fields and graduating with a first-class BA honours degree.

After graduating from university I started sessional lecturing, teaching, and lesson planning  a broad range of Media subjects from B-tec levels 1, 2 & 3, to HND students.

Teaching enabled me to show students how to turn ideas into into visual compositions, focus on visual style and cinematography and spread my love for  independent film and world cinema.

 This inspired my own passions and led me to the setting up of a creative media company ‘te-al’ with my partner Alex Morris.

I’m interested in abstraction, experimentation & contemplation.

te-al provides creative media services to like minded people and businesses. We create and develop inspiring and original ideas using video, photography and design.

te-al was set up with help via the Princes Trust, and to further support the initial development of the company I have continued to work occasionally as a sessional lecturer, part-time silver service waitressing, exam invigilator and extra freelance work.

Working as an associate filmmaker at Fabians Film, has enabled myself and Alex Morris to co-write our first feature length film-script.

A film without any rules or obligations, in our own style, that is currently undergoing funding and moving into production.

Working with nature and the environment fuels my energy.

I like good coffee and various teas. I collect records and books. I love to learn, to travel and can be found crocheting, running or practicing yoga in my spare time.

I’m passionate about the environment, ecology and sustainability.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on organic farms, from vineyards to olive groves and forest gardens to community vegetable gardens. Working in harmony with our surroundings and letting nature run it’s course is an ideology that I use for nurturing my ideas in life to film to art.

Art is always at the forefront of my memories. Watching TV & films when I was younger was an event, going to the cinema was exciting. These are the kinds of emotions I still get when I watch a great film, and in turn these memories influence my own filmmaking.

Music has always been important to me; I remember playing duets on the piano, and sitting around campfires with my extended family playing the guitar. Sound for film can be so powerful but so often overlooked.I feel these are some of the main reasons I’ve found myself enjoying experimenting with different mediums within film.

With film there are no rules, film allows me the freedom of my childhood.